Managing electrical equipment and automation systems’ operation and maintenance

 ELPAK Sp.z o.o. specializes in providing complex industrial services.

Our offer includes service in scope of organization, optimization and supervision of processes of maintaining the machinery, equipment and production facilities, particularly – in power engineering, where high-leveled standards in scope of equipment’s safety and reliability are necessary.

We realize a wide range of diagnostic, renovation and modernization work. Signing a long-term contract for maintenance we are able to take over (under the outsourcing) Client’s existing service professionals, as well as reorganizing them for order.

Offered model of operation and maintenance is based on conclusions from the analyzed areas:

  • Match of Human Resources and equipment
  • History and current technical condition of equipment
  • Organization and division of labor
  • Hazards to human and equipment
  • The nature of concluded production contracts and used technology.

Supervising the implementation of operation and maintenance includes building and updating a database of equipment (history of serviced work and conservation, breakdown working time) – for monitoring the equipment’s life cycle.
Simultaneously, we undertake a series of steps to improve the prevention, education and development of human resources responsible for these areas.

Managing the whole process of maintenance is conducted on the basis of CMMS “MAXIMO” system (IBM).

Our priority is to maximize the safety of production, equipment and employees of our Clients’ institutes. We are able to achieve the goal by simultaneous optimization of operation and maintenance’s costs provision of equipment and installations’ higher productivity.

Direct contact:

Zbigniew Banaszak – Director of Production – Member of the Board
Tel. no.: +48 63 247 15 00, +48 600 960 865